Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Being Me!

My 2 Boy Scouts

5:00 AM. This morning, just before they left. It's Mason's 2nd year at scout camp--the one that's cleeaaarr out by Yellowstone. Our ward didn't have enough leaders that could go, so, even though Lance was in charge of High Adventure and took the older boys for a week in June, he said he would go with the younger boys to this one. Mason was excited to have his dad with him this time. He's especially excited to see his dad do the Polar Bear--sit under an ice cold fresh spring water waterfall and count to 10. Oh yeah, I'll post the picture! Lance has been under the truck for 2 days, getting the trailer hitch and lights ready. It's the first time he's towed anything with his truck, but they needed him to tow up the big scout trailer. So my thought we're all set to tow a boat--right?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mom, I Really Miss That Bug...

A Day in the Life...
Emery opens up her jewelry box, and finds that one of her and her friend, Gracie's bugs are dead. She needs to call Gracie:
"hi Gracie?"
"I've got some bad news for you"
"your bug is dead"
"are you sad?"
"I knew we shouldn't put them in the house"
"But my bug is still alive"
"But tomorrow it will probly be dead"
"no I can't play"
"I have to clean up my mess"
"all right, bye grace...grace...grace?"
Emery tells me she needs to go check on the dead bug to see if he's still dead. She decides he needs to be buried, so as she carries him outside, she says, "come on Deddy"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter Cake from Grandma Nina Lee. Isn't it cute? She dropped it by on her way to Tahiti. That is one busy woman!

Josi and um...fathead?

Our annual couples trip to Grand Targhee. It didn't disappoint. Lots of powder AND sunshine! So, does anybody else wonder what's hiding under Lance's helmet?

Kite Flying Weather

Mason tried to cure the bored disease by flying his kite in our backyard--Can you see that dot? He got it so high, it was so much fun to see him have so much fun! Not to mention, how cool is it to be able to fly a kite in your own backyard?

Mason Loves chihuahuas

Mason is campaigning (impressively) for a chihuahua. Since the kids haven't been able to find a dog that doesn't poop, they've found a dog that makes little poop. Will they wear me down? Too soon to tell, this story is to be continued...